Unfinished Regrets

Pool of Tears — Ellen Weinstein, via iCanvas

words came undone

all that she could have said

ideas by now should have transcended both of them somewhere

through stories of their own self-actualized trials

O imagine what they could have done so much more together

and a piece of adagio

she would have asked him to waltz in

if only she was not away

single-mindedly and so unwaveringly

she moved forward

further undeviating and more decisively

the Hiraeth… has never been reached an uphill battle

until now dragging her to the time where it all started

wrapped in the blanket of cold solitude

she’d all tortured in dusty memories and tainted nostalgia

yearning his presence at the present time

it collapsed her nonetheless unaided on the floor

glimpses of him she saw everywhere in her head

squeeze the whole energy to death

like a tree had grown so high conquering every storm passing

only to rupture

scattered off the ground

and rained over




a restless wanderer.

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Eugene Miller

Eugene Miller

a restless wanderer.

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